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Just A Few Working Stiffs Living The Dream

Keeping it real and having a good time exploring different perspectives and bringing real life experiences into the light.

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I have been working in this industry for over 30 years and I have gone through some clothing. I often find myself having a hard time finding stuff that I like so, I decided to start putting some cool shit together for all us hard workers that jump in the mud, play with fire, and get it all over you.

I have found that I do better work in better clothing. Why not get some that looks cool too! Check out the WG Squared line on the page by clicking the button below.

I hope you guys like this stuff too! If you can please buy through these links, it will help support the podcast and help get folks into the apprenticeship with the UA. It is stuff you buy anyway, now you can help out the cause and get a deal. Because the intent is to help out I have dropped the margins for drop shipping to cover operating costs and get this in the hands of folks who use the shit out of it and wear it out on the regular. It’s also a means to cover the operating cost and keep it rolling!

Weekly Episodes, Exploring Different Perspectives

This is my American Dream/Get in this trade!

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